Start-up, digital garden and philanthropy is a group of start-ups established in Paris and in Lisbon.

Brainstormed by a small but unique team of pharmacists, health and AI focused professionals, we promote an interdisciplinary approach to AI that brings together diverse areas of interest and inquiry. is altogether a start-up, a digital garden and a philanthropic venture that promotes a no non-sense approach to self-care and e-health.

Not only our experts work/have worked together on numerous projects across multiple disciplines to address issues that impact people in their ordinary life, including health and well-being, education, sustainability, growth and development, to find solutions that help make communities healthier, more prosperous and safer, but they have also access to a broad health R&D and “tech” community through long-time partners based in London, Munich or Beyrouth, and in other major world capital cities.


At we explore all technologies that transform how people medicate and self-care, learn about their health, shop health and well-being products, communicate, live and work, sport or travel, or move, … is about challenging and building on such perspectives and ideas, to possibly transform unconventional ideas into successful e-health and self-care solutions.


Knowledge is change.

As such, commitment is to generate useable knowledge and to leverage on its networking capabilities to nurture and to grow e-health projects, in all  sectors, either business or academic, with positive environmental, social and economical outcomes. 


At we all have years of international experience. We all know well the world we live in, and we are all result driven people. Plus, … we have French flair. DNA is about results, for our clients and for us. But above all it is to our common and shared ability to have a positive effect on the world we live in, and that shall be.